Cover Reveal: The Paths Between The Stars

Today is the day when I finally get to share the beautiful cover art for my forthcoming novel, THE PATHS BETWEEN THE STARS, with the world.

This cover was the result of several weeks of back-and-forth with the talented designers at Bookfly Design as we found the concept, honed it in, and fine-tuned the details. It captures both the darkness and light in the book, and expresses the depth and complexity of the story. I am so grateful to the Bookfly team for creating this stunning cover for my book.

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RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, September 15, 2021


For seven years, Noomi Perez has been living a nightmare: without warning, her vision will go dark, her mind empty, her body numb. She calls these episodes “shadows” and she knows they are trying to hurt her, but no one believes her. They think the shadows are all in her head. After years of therapy, countless drug regimens, and a rotating cast of mental health specialists, Noomi knows that nothing can stop the shadows from finding her.

But when a boy with iridescent eyes pulls her back from the edge during an attack of the shadows, Noomi realizes he knows something about the creatures that haunt and hunt her.

As the shadows grow stronger and threaten to swallow her whole, Noomi must find a new way forward. The path she charts will open her eyes to worlds she never could have imagined – and put her in more danger than she could have believed.

In the tradition of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials and Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane comes one girl’s otherworldly battle to defeat the demons that haunt and hunt her. Weaving equal parts fantasy, psychology, and science fiction, The Paths Between The Stars is a daring tale of hope, courage, and discovery.

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