[Untitled]: A Poem

I wrote this poem spur of the moment, as a very dear friend of mine recounted the many ways he loves his fiance. I am so honored to be a part of their story, and to my readers, I cannot honestly recount how deeply their story made me feel, for there are no words to describe true love. 

You tell me you love me;
tell me:
who else will show me
this bird?
this sky?

You tell me you love me;
tell me
who will tell our story
so hollow
so burned?

Paper, bent, into blue,
Swan, and cherry–
Simple dance
You will guide me
By my hands.

You tell me you love me,
[perfect turn]
who will tell this story
the moon?
the sky?

I still haven’t gotten the recording down, and I won’t bastardize it by sharing it before I’ve done it properly. I hope they recognize it for what it is, though I’m sure they will. And for the rest of the world, I trust you will see these words as the are: an homage to love, romantic or otherwise. 

This poem is dedicated to my friends, P & A.