The Birth Of A Book

Dear readers,

Over the last few months, you’ve put a lot of faith in me. You’ve read and commented on my posts, followed my blog, retweeted my tweets, and followed me on the strange and errant journey that befits any adventurer. You’ve supported me and encouraged me and I could not ask more of any one of you. So today I’m here to say thanks.

Thanks, in many ways, to your encouragement, I am standing (metaphorically) here today as I begin a new journey – one wherein I will self-publish a book that I have co-written with two other incredibly talented and dedicated writers. Thanks to you, the world of the SEEDS trilogy has come to life on the page. Thanks to you, I stand before you today as a published author.

Since I was a child smuggling books under the covers and reading with a flashlight until the wee hours of the morning, I’ve dreamt of creating imaginary worlds and bringing characters to life just like all my favorite authors: J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Brian Jacques, J. K. Rowling, Susan Cooper, K.A. Applegate (no, I’m not ashamed to admit that I read the Animorphs series, and yes, they were amazing), and many more. I’ve written – and left unfinished – countless beginning scenes. I started posting Harry Potter fanfiction on back in the young days of online publishing and had an outline for an entire book based around the history of Fawkes, the phoenix. I once wrote over forty pages in cursive-script green glitter pen of a story about some rabbit warriors and conniving foxes. (Sound familiar?) My point is, I’ve been reading – and writing – for my entire life. The dream of writing a book has stayed with me through the years, and today that dream is coming to fruition.

But just because that’s my dream doesn’t mean it’s worthy of your support. In other words, just because I’ve written a book doesn’t mean that it’s good or that you should buy it. But in the case of SEEDS, the one thing I’ve known all along is that I have faith. I have faith in this project. I have faith in Remy and Vale and the strange things they’ve done to me and to each other over the course of the last year and a half. I have faith that what we have created is something that has the power to change, to inspire, to evoke. Books can inspire dreams and change the world in great and small ways; all we have to do is believe.

So today, I’m giving birth to a baby. A baby that’s been in gestation for the last three years, and whose labor will take over nine weeks to deliver. Once a week, every Wednesday, we’ll release a new Episode of THE SOWING. The first episode, the one that’s available today, introduces you to the characters, the world, and the underbelly of utopia. You’ll learn why Remy fled the Okarian Sector; you’ll learn why Vale is driven to find her again. And most importantly, you’ll learn about the driving force behind the novel, the deadly secret that got Remy’s sister killed. Every week our characters will take a new step forward – towards salvation or destruction.

But I hope that Remy and Vale won’t be making this journey alone. I hope you’ll join them. I hope you’ll follow along with their adventures, their struggles, their heartache, their loss, as they push forwards to a new world. Because they’re going to need all the help they can get.

And thanks. For all your help and support. For all the times you’ve commented, read my posts, clicked “like”, or shared with your Twitter audience. Thanks again. You rock.

To join in on this adventure, and check out the first episode, click here for Amazon and here for Nook.