Introducing LITERARY LIBATIONS: The Video Series

Ever wanted to know what to drink when you settle in with an old favorite book? What’s the perfect pairing for Alexandre Dumas’ THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO? What on Earth is one to drink while reading an out-of-this-world story like Heinlein’s A STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND? And how are you to pick the perfect drink to go with a novel by that consummate alcoholic, Ernest Hemingway?

Don’t worry – I’ve got answers. And one day, in the future, they’ll all be compiled into a handy little reference book so you’ll never be without a beverage for your book again. But for now, you can start by watching my new video series, where I’ll introduce you to the world of fine wine, great beer, and craft cocktails one classic novel at a time.

Check out my introductory video to learn what to pair with Joseph Heller’s iconic World War II novel CATCH-22 – and don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel to be notified when I’ve got a new pairing video out!