THE HARVEST Release Day!

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THE HARVEST, the third book in the Seeds trilogy, is officially available for download today. Available for download on Kindle or in paperback through Amazon.

Remy Alexander wants revolution. After watching Vale fall back into the hands of the Sector, she will stop at nothing to reveal the corruption in Okaria. When she joins a secret Outsider network in the underbelly of the capital city, she must use all her skills as a fighter and an artist to show the people the truth.

Valerian Orlean wants emancipation. When he wakes up in Okaria as a political prisoner and learns what his parents have done to him, he knows time is running out before millions of people are forever enslaved.

In a world where those who rule determine your destiny, and the food you eat can deliver or destroy you, Remy and Vale must come together with the help of new friends and old to cut out the rot of unchecked power before the fire at the heart of Okaria grows to an all-consuming swell—or is extinguished forever.

THE HARVEST, the third book in the Seeds trilogy, brings the terrifying truth of the OAC’s MealPak program to light. As injustice spreads throughout the Sector, threatening the freedom of farm workers and laborers in the factory towns, the Resistance must find a way to end the oppressive Orleán administration once and for all.

And we already have our first five-star review. From fellow writer Nillu Nasser Steltzer: “The Harvest has the hallmarks of great science fiction, exploring technology and its dangers. The settings really come to life, and the research that underlies this book is impressive. I enjoyed the ideas in this book, and how the author plays with the ideas of authoritarianism and peaceful resistance.” Of the characters, she writes, “The authors have done a great job of fleshing out existing and new characters with wonderful deftness. They hold the threads of a large cast of characters with ease and there are secrets at the heart of this story that keeps readers in thrall.” Couldn’t be more excited about this eloquent review!

Get your copy today to join the revolution and witness the climactic end to Remy and Vale’s story!