Abstraction: Enlightenment

“‘We hear so much of the splendid stone bridge of Joshu, but I see nothing but a miserable old rustic log bridge.’
Joshu retorted, ‘You just see the rustic log bridge, and fail to see the stone bridge of Joshu.’
‘What is the stone bridge then?’
‘Horses go over it, asses go over it.'”
– Essays in Zen Buddhism, D. T. Suzuki

<p>Delphine de Luppé<br />
Caissons 3<br />

Vertical landscape by Eiko Ojala, via Behance

Finding Zen at the top of a mountain is easy. Finding it in an alley in the rain is much harder. Only when you have achieved both are you truly enlightened. 

First image, Delphine de Luppe, “Caissons 3”. Second image, Eiko Ojala, “Vertical Landscape”.