Blog Awards, Or, Those Whom I Love

A great way to ring in 2014 – my good friend Nillu has just nominated me for a blogging award called the “WordPress Family Award”! I have no idea what this means, but I guess I’m in some sort of family now, and I’ve inspired at least one person with all these words I type. Also, apparently in Nillu’s world across that big damn pond it’s now January 3, which means that was also a little birthday present for me, as tomorrow’s my birthday. Thanks so much, Nillu!

Jess West also nominated me for the Sunshine blog award a few months ago, and I, much to my discredit, did nothing about it. I was lazy, I’ll admit it. So, contrite, with my tail between my legs, I’m going to thank Jess very kindly here for that most excellent award and return the favor for a number of other bloggers who I admire and respect. Here’s my nominations for the 2014 WordPress Family Sunshine Awesome award:

Jess West

Jess’s shorts, flash fiction, and insight into the world of blogging and writing always inspire me and rev my engine. If she doesn’t deserve to be recognized for her contribution to the Internetz, no one does.

Nillu Stelter

Who’s responsible for this post in the first place, and whose passion for the written word somehow never wanes. Her flash fiction pieces are always delightful.

Rachael Spellman

Her words dazzle and delight. Don’t let her pretty face fool you, she’s a ninja who’d carve you in two if you said the wrong thing. Read her words and learn from them, because before long she’ll have conquered us all.

Unhinged In Time

Though the blog moderator, through whom the protagonist Maxwell Hammer is given a voice, is currently AWOL, it remains that this is one of the best online serials freely available. A thriller after H.G.Wells’ heart, this time travel blog never ceases to amaze.

Drew Chial 

“Stories for storytellers and the perilous world they live in” is his tagline, and I challenge you to find me a one more apt than that. If you’re a writer you won’t find truer or funnier stories if you were to cross the world searching. Drew’s narratives are both passionate and endearing. Click it.

J. Edward Paul

He wears a mailman’s uniform, but his vigilante persona is far more dangerous. The man who created the Cloudwalkers and whose words I await with baited breath. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

I was apparently only supposed to nominate six, but here’s a bonus.

Amnesia Soup

Disregard the incredibly frightening header image, and you’ll be welcomed into a world where rhythm and cadence are everything. I just discovered this guy’s blog and I’m hooked. Read Tell and Shaker’s stories and wonder.

These are just a few of the people who inspire me every day. If you haven’t heard of them today, give it a year, three, or five. Worlds will be moved on account of these souls.

Cheers, all.