A Poem

Seeing as it is Poetry Appreciation Month, I decided to try my hand at writing one of my own – something I haven’t attempted since college. I’m not much of a poet, and I wouldn’t consider myself particularly well-versed in poetry (see my previous post) but now seems to be as good a time as any to recommence experimentation.

There is nothing terribly sophisticated to this poem. It’s just a musing on cultural and historical differences. I hope it’s enjoyable, at the very least.



lost traditions of pre Victoria left us with
human animals the strange habit of disrobing alone
or, if not alone, then for impure thoughts
not cleansing

oh gentle rough hewn porous stone
you and i peel back the layers of my skin
cells sloughed discarded dead impure
leave me cleansed

think i of Diana, happy goddess
Neither human nor animal, washed by others
sharing lovely virgin purity
together clean

wish i to be not goddess yet shared with others
communal nudes in nature
skin in soap lather water purified