One (1) Membership To The No-Pants Club, Please

It’s official. I’m a newly-minted member of the No-Pants Club.

I have left my job as the Assistant Winemaker at Peachy Canyon Winery. I have traded in my Redback waterproof boots for Reef flipflops. I will no longer spend my days covered in wine, grape skins, and dirt. I have taken off my yoga pants and traded them for….more yoga pants. (Just kidding. I’m definitely not wearing pants right now.)

No-Pants Club
Verified photo of me without pants. (Spandex don’t count, right?)

Two years ago, after I published THE PRELUDE, Soren’s Story, I wrote a blog post that was a call to action. I was, humorously, asking people to help me join the No-Pants Club by buying my book and supporting my authorial career. “You can get me out of my pants by buying my book…thus making it more likely that one day in the future I’ll be able to forever forsake alarm clocks and join the perpetual #NoPantsClub.”

It is quite astonishing to me that that time has finally come. A strange and delightful feeling passes over me. I am revoking my membership in the Alarm Clock Society in favor of the No-Pants Club, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I plan to pass my days now eating citrus fruits, cooking extensive meals, sipping tea and coffee, basking in the sun, going on hikes, reading quite a lot of books, watching movies, and, of course, writing.

Writing, writing, writing.

There may be some editing. There may be some marketing. There will definitely be quite a lot more blogging.

But mostly, along with all those other things, I will be writing.

It is an honor to join the No-Pants Club. Other famous members of the No-Pants Club include my dog Layla, my imaginary cat Horace, Sherlock Holmes, Albert Einstein, Hugh Howey, George W. Bush, my mom Kristy, my sister Elena, Esther the Wonder Pig, and many more. It’s an exciting club to be a part of, and by no means an exclusive one. Anyone can join. All you have to do is believe in the dream for long enough. As long as you work for it, one day, it will come true.