The Reaping (The Seeds Book 2) by K. Makansi

HEY y’all in case you didn’t know, I WROTE A BOOK, and the lovely and delightful JESSICA P WEST decided to do me the honor of writing said book a review. Here it is. THANK YOU, JESS!

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The ReapingThe Reaping by K. Makansi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading The Sowing and The Prelude, I was really torn between two characters I’d fallen for, right along with the female protagonist. Remy Alexander is put through the ringer time and again. Her resilience is impressive. The Reaping is one of those books you can just completely get lost in, even better than the first. Even as a writer, the editor in me was held captivated by the world, the fast pace, and all the characters Makansi made me care about.

I was really worried that there was no way the author could write her way out of the love triangle in a way that would be satisfactory, but I should have known better than to doubt. She took an impossible situation and dealt with it seamlessly, seemingly without effort. I am even more impressed than I was…

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