At The Fading Of The Light: A Poem (Updated With Audio!)

At the fading of the light
a little while ago
I went out for a walk at night
to murder my shadow.

He’d dogged me several weeks or more
promising relief
in his tender hopeless form
and sighs of disbelief.

I found darkness in his arms
A crumbling dismay
Emptiness with all its charms
Held bitterly at bay.

But as the sun caressed the tide
Beneath horizon’s shade
I cut my shadow from my side
with a jagged blade.

And now I hope, when morning comes
The light will shine on me
To warm these bones so still and numb
From distant apathy.


UPDATE: I have recorded a version of this poem spoken aloud. I’ve probably botched it and sound horribly boring – my deepest apologies if I’ve ruined it for you. But because one can only improve with practice, and with criticism, I’ve posted it here for you all to tear at with your fierce little teeth.