The End

A sad announcement today: POROUS will be no more.

The story, of course, will live on, but it will breathe a little closer to my chest, tucked into my breast pocket. Noomi and Silas have plenty to tell, but their story needs to be more guarded, more careful, before it sees the light of day.

I’m making this decision for a few reasons. First, and most importantly: Quality. I worry that, by writing these installments late at night on Sundays before publication, I’m sacrificing drive and momentum for pretty turns of phrase and too-easy story hooks. I’m losing sight of the long-term story in favor of the instantaneous, and I can already tell it’s hurting the book as a whole. Without a larger vision, a more detailed outline, a more precise scope, Noomi and Silas will never get off the ground.

Second: I have other, more profitable projects that take precedence. I’m going into deep-sea editing mode with THE REAPING, and I don’t expect to draw breath until either publication or harvest, whichever comes first. So, losing an evening a week of already-limited time to focus on a project that, at least for now, has no financial potential – well, that’s not exactly smart business policy. I’ll continue to work on POROUS, but not at the rate I’ve been doing, and hopefully, now that pressure’s off to deliver a chapter a week, the story will grow in new and different ways.

Third: I’ve been told that, if I ever want to seek representation or possibly try to sell POROUS to a publisher, I have to take any long-form chapters down off the web. That agents won’t touch a work that’s been self-published – in any form, whether on Amazon or on a blog – unless you’ve sold tens of thousands of copies. A dream, yes, but that’s certainly a long way off. While for SEEDS we believed wholeheartedly that self-publishing was the way to go, POROUS, I think, might have a different shot with an agent or a publishing house. It’s a strategy I’m not 100% committed to yet, but nor do I want to rule it out. And word on the street is that publishing these installments on my blog means, essentially, I’m destroying my chances of ever heading down that path.

So. There will be no more POROUS. For a long, long time.

I am sorry. I feel as though I owe you more, and I can guarantee that those readers who have stuck around since the beginning will get first options at beta-reading, should you choose, when the time comes. That might be years from now – or it could be six months from now, I don’t know – but, if you’re still interested, the offer will stand. And if not, well, hopefully you will have moved on to greener pastures and better stories 🙂

Thank you all for reading, encouraging me, and making that dream more than just a wisp of mind-space. Thank you for helping bring it to life.

POROUS will stay up on my blog and on Wattpad for another week. But after Memorial Day weekend, I plan to take it down, and retire it solely to my Scrivener. So if you want to finish it, now’s the time.

Alas, I’m not sure what I’m going to write about for #MondayBlogs now…