All right, y’all. It’s here. Peter Samet’s debut novel ZERO ECHO SHADOW PRIME, the story of one girl, four ways. I’m not shitting you when I say you need to go get your copy right. the. fuck. now. or else I might personally come hunt you down. That’s not a threat. It’s a promise.* And it’s for your own benefit, really.


When Charlie Nobunaga creates the world’s first sentient A.I., she becomes an overnight sensation. But amid the red carpet galas and TV interviews, Charlie is diagnosed with cancer, and her promising future grinds to a halt. 

Enter Jude Adler, a tech mogul with dreams of changing history. She presents Charlie with an opportunity that’s at once insane and irresistible: a second chance at life inside a new robotic body. But as Charlie soon discovers, Jude’s motivations are far from pure. 

Charlie’s brain is scanned, and four distinct copies of her emerge: PRIME, a robot with superhuman strength and the ability to freeze time; SHADOW, a holographic assistant, trapped inside the mind of a desperate widower; ECHO, a mysterious, four-armed woman with an insatiable desire to kill; and ZERO, the original human, who’s coerced to betray her “sisters” by a Luddite terrorist organization. 

ZERO, ECHO, SHADOW, and PRIME wake up under different forms of imprisonment—scared and confused—where they must each face a unique trial. But their stories soon intersect in surprising ways as they retaliate against the people determined to destroy them. 

Adventure. Technology. Robots. Mindspace. Guns. Battles. The ultimate search for freedom and self-determination.

Have I sold you yet? Yes? Get your copy now. 

Peter Samet
What a babe, amirite?

No? Maybe it’ll help to meet the author. I first met Peter on Twitter almost a year ago. He read the free prologue to my debut novel, THE SOWING, and was gracious enough to serve as a late-round beta reader for the novel. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him better. I beta-read ZESP and fell in love with the writing style, the intensity of the adventure, and the thirst for truth and freedom, two themes that drive me as an individual. Peter’s a film editor, and he’s worked for the best – at Pixar Animation Studios, how badass is that? – so he knows how to tell a fast-paced, hard-hitting story. Peter’s also one of the kindest and most intelligent people I’ve met on Twitter, and I’m lucky enough to call him a friend.

If you’re not sold at this point, we’re not friends anymore.

Seriously though, friends – let’s take the day to celebrate the launch of ZERO ECHO SHADOW PRIME by making Peter Samet a bestselling author. Do yourself a favor and go buy the book. And then read it. Now.

Congratulations, Peter!

*And a joke, in case any NSA goons are looking at this post.