The Sowing is an “Irresistible Read”!

Cover with SealI rarely toot my own horn on my blog, but recently something big happened that I just have to announce and share with the world.

A few weeks ago we submitted The Sowing to a new website called Compulsion Reads, which reviews and endorses independently-published books. I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that The Sowing has joined the Compulsion Reads “Irresistible Reads” list, which means, in their own words: “we like you, we really like you. Irresistible Collection picks are nominated by our evaluators because they truly rise above the rest.” What a thrill! They even gave us a little seal to attach to our cover. Doesn’t it look shiny?

This is a special moment for me, my mom, and my sister, because it’s our first real, powerful endorsement from a highly selective team. To us, it proves that hard work really does pay off. We put countless hours of writing, editing, and book design into The Sowing, and we’re overwhelmed with all the positive words our reviewers have been sending our way. The Compulsion Reads endorsement really puts the cherry on top of all the kind words we’ve received. None of this would be possible, of course, without the people who’ve believed in us, offered to beta-read, review, and critique our work, and we owe a heartfelt thank you! to a good many friends both in real life and on throughout the blogosphere. To everyone who has helped us by reading, reviewing, and sharing our work: Thank you. So much.

Here’s what Compulsion Reads had to say:

The Sowing checks off all the boxes on my “Nope, not gonna put it down” list. Written from the shifting first person perspectives of Vale Orleán and Remy Alexander, readers get to ride along as Remy and her teammates fight the system, and as Vale slowly begins to see through the cracks in his perfect society. Author K. Makansi douses The Sowing with plenty of science talk that is surprisingly accessible to non-sciency types like myself. Equally impressive is that Makansi also writes deep, vibrant characters. The result is a story that tickles the intellect and pulls on the heartstrings. By the end of the book, I had truly come to care about many of the characters in Makansi’s world, especially Remy’s broody, brilliant and darkly sarcastic rebel teammate Soren (love you Soren!).

As Remy and Soren desperately guard a dangerous secret that could change everything, Vale’s digging leads to horrific revelations. How far does the conspiracy go, and what role did his parents play in that terrible massacre that left Remy’s sister dead?

The Sowing is a brilliant adventure where war is as much about brain and brawn. The action doesn’t stop for a single minute. I think I sprained my finger swiping my Kindle so vigorously trying to get to the next page. Yeah, it’s that good.

Gosh, we are happy writers.

Thanks for taking the time to celebrate with us as we’ve hit our first big milestone. I’d love it if you checked out our Compulsion Reads page, where you can read the full review as well as an author interview we did about our writing process. I’d love it even more if you clicked over to our Amazon page and picked up a copy of The Sowing for yourself. If you’ve already read and enjoyed The Sowing, you can help by spreading the word: Share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or even just tell a friend how much you loved the book.