Meet Tyler Nitbone (and a Special Cyber Monday Deal)

Here today on The Z-Axis I have Imran Siddiq, author of the Divided Worlds Trilogy and a new release called Tyler Nitbone. Imran is one of my favorite indie authors, and I find both his works and his presence on Twitter to be a constant inspiration to me to write more and to write better. Imran’s here to tell you about Tyler Nitbone, as well as a special promotion the two of us are doing together throughout the month of December. 

Meet Tyler NitboneTyler Nitbone is my fourth novel written, and fourth to be released. I wanted to approach YA Science Fiction with less technology and settings that would take a decent amount of narrative to explain, and opted for Earth… with a difference. That allowed me to write more about the plot rather than explaining what a spaceship looked like – a topic that hindered me in my previous novels.

The conception of Tyler Nitbone was an accident. The Greenhouse Literary Agency Funny Prize competition in 2012 made a call for humorous novels. Although I had certainty that I’d never win, it gave me a spark to write in a more relaxed manner than the serious overtones used in the Divided Worlds Trilogy. In some ways, it allowed me to write much as I think and behave.

TN is based in the real world with very little concept settings, thus I can drop a lot of descriptive narrative and let the reader discover the world through the character. There are bits that don’t involve anything non-realistic… like parallel universes… and robots… and a certain orang-utan. Then again, maybe it is all possible…

First person still feels a little alien to me, but I adore rooting the entire novel with one main protagonist as in Third Person Limited POV. We see, hear, feel what they do. It’s almost like real life rather than having a Godly voice overhead describing events a million miles away.

Writing for me is deep-rooted passion. My mother complained to my teacher, when I was 5 years old, that I was always reading under the duvet (at night) with a torch. I loved reading, and experimenting with my own stories. I loved to escape to another place. Hang on – is that a white rabbit I see running with a watch – see you later.

Advice I have for writers is = Think Less and Write More. Don’t aim for perfection. Yes, have a plot and an idea of what will happen, but just write. Don’t worry about the grammar, the edit, the change of names, scenery or people appearing/disappearing. Just write and reach the end. After that, you can be clinical with how you correct any issues. You’ll be surprised at how many words you can belt out. 

And that brings me on to our brilliant offer

Anyone who purchases a copy of Tyler Nitbone – as a paperback or ebook – will receive an ebook copy of Disconnect, Disassemble, and Disrupt (The Divided Worlds Trilogy) by myself, and The Sowing by K. Makansi.

The only requirement is a copy of your digital receipt. Please email your digital receipt to either one of us at amira.k.mak @ or imran @, and we’ll make sure you get your free e-books! 

And if you purchase a copy of The Sowing, whether paperback or ebook, then I’ll send over an ebook copy of Tyler Nitbone and the Divided Worlds Trilogy. That’s 5 books for the price of one!

This offer runs for the whole of December 2013.

Purchase links: 

The Sowing

Tyler Nitbone

So! Pretty awesome, huh? Take advantage of this rad bargain and support a few indie authors while you’re at it. Cheers, and we hope you enjoy the books!