Where I’ve Been

I know, I’m sorry. I disappeared and I didn’t tell any of you where I was going. I left without warning and I haven’t posted anything in far too long. But I have an excuse, I promise. I’ve been off on another adventure, and this was one of the best I’ve had so far.

In the last month I:

Drove 2,100 miles across two-thirds of the country.

Drove through six different states.

Worked 32 days in a row.

Worked over 130 hours of overtime during those 32 consecutive days.

Fermented a whole bunch of grapes into wine.

Shoveled over 10 tons (that’s twenty thousand pounds and 173 times my body weight) of fermented grapes.

Murdered at least a hundred thousand fruit flies.

Drank a ton of beer.

Ate at least fifty hot wings.

Did no writing whatsoever.

Did no reading whatsoever.

Did very little sleeping.

It was crazy, you guys. It was really crazy. It was so crazy, in fact, that I’m still only just recovering, and remembering how to write and read and use these fingers to type and create sentences and use social media. But I had an absolute blast, and I miss it already. Harvest, I’ll see you again in 2014.

But for now, I have a book to write.