No more the Summer

A beautiful poem on the end of summer and the death of love, from my friend Rachael.


I asked for banners on the sky
For words to jag and scrawl intent
My eyes were blind to details loud
To smaller notes of what you meant

The empty sun that fills the west
Leaves only low light for my eyes
You gave enough to stay the course
With breathspace only as the prize

The pain of loss is chill as bone
And nothing fills the place you left
I am the one who took the most
And gave no peace, no careful rest

So heavy heart, you’ll pay the price
And know the petals falling thin
From roses left in summer’s heat
To dry, as autumn draws me in.

So actions speak aloud the words
For now I look; no hope to find
And here the story ends, untold
With only me, my selfish mind.

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