“My body is a cage…

I’m living in an age
that calls darkness light.
Though my language is dead,
still the shapes fill my head.”

I’m defying existentialism. I’m waiting for Godot, but that’s ok, because I know he’s on his way. I’m waiting for spring, for the tentative rain, chill wet air, sweet blossoms, budding green leaves, baseball, cycling, dogs but above all, reminiscence. (Just thinking about the fresh smell of spring air brings back so many memories from the last few years… I couldn’t name them all if I tried.) Spring is so innocent, so vulnerable, with so much promise yet and so much fulfilled potential. I can’t wait.

“and i will love to see that day
that day is mine
when she will marry me outside with the willow trees
and play the songs we made
they made me so
and i would love to see that day
that day was mine ”

Oh, God, Zach Condon, marry me?