By now most of you know that in addition to being a blogger, runner, winemaker, and constant consumer of too much food, I also write books. I have co-written three novels along with my mom Kristy and my sister Elena. They are sci-fi dystopia with a young adult bent about food, genetic modification, and biotech. Want to know more? Click the book covers below for a free preview.


Cover with Seal





If you’re an agent, a press, or are otherwise professionally affiliated with the publishing industry and would like more information about The SowingThe Reaping, The Harvest, or the Seeds trilogy, please contact me directly at amira.k.mak @

The film rights to THE SOWING and THE PRELUDE have been optioned to Big Picture Ranch in Ojai, California. Big Picture Ranch specializes in films that raise awareness, inspire change, and solidify new cultural ideas. FUEL, their debut documentary about the auto and oil industry, won the Sundance Film Festival’s Audience Award for Best Documentary, was selected as a New York Times Critics’ Pick, and was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

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