What I Can Do For You

Are you a first-time novelist who’s just typed out the magic words “The End” – but doesn’t know where to go next? A new writer who wants to get published but isn’t ready to hit the market? Or even a seasoned author looking for insight and advice on a new manuscript?

I’m here to help.

As a bestselling self-published novelist and a former acquisitions editor for an award-winning independent press, I offer manuscript review and editorial services for full-length fiction and non-fiction works for writers like you. In affiliation with Blank Slate Communications, a family-owned company that provides editorial and publishing services, I’m here to help you take your writing game to the next level. Whether you’ve just finished your first-ever novel and want a professional opinion about how to move forward, or you’re looking for in-depth narrative critique and copy editing skills, I bring years of experience as both a writer and an editor to bear to make your manuscript the best it can be.

With a degree in History from the University of Chicago and a background in research and academic writing, I bring a professional and perfectionist approach to writing in all forms. I have written and self-published three best-selling novels – the first of which has been optioned for a Hollywood film – and a novella, and I have acquired several award-winning novels for Blank Slate Press, a division of Amphorae Publishing Group.

If you’re looking for high-quality editing from an accomplished writer and editor, competitive pricing, and a guaranteed quick turnaround, I’m here for you.

Options, Services, and Pricing

FREE Manuscript Evaluation: Not sure which of the following options you want? Not sure who you can trust to edit your manuscript? I offer a free, no-commitment initial evaluation of the first ten pages of your manuscript, with sample notes in the margins and a recommendation as to which of the following services would work best for your needs.

Manuscript Review: I’ll read your manuscript and evaluate it in five key categories: narrative structure, character development, use of language, commercial viability, and readiness for publication. I’ll also offer advice about what kind of publication (traditional, agent-assisted, or self-publishing) would work best for your needs. When I’m finished, you’ll get a three-to-five page summary of my comments and evaluations in all five categories, along with advice on how to move forward.

Structural Edit: I’ll comb through your manuscript word-by-word to offer copy editing, linguistic suggestions, and narrative critique. This will include an in-depth page-by-page commentary with suggestions for changes and improvements on character development, plot structure, and use of themes.

Copy Edit: A line edit for grammar, punctuation, and proofreading only. This is a later-stage editorial process that assumes the majority of the heavy lifting on your manuscript is done and you are happy with your story. A copy edit will focus on the use of language and grammar to ensure your manuscript is as readable and compelling as possible before publication or submission from agents.


Ready to get started? 

If you think you want to work with me to make your manuscript the best it can possibly be, fill out your information below and tell me a little about your project. I’ll respond as soon as possible.